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MINIWRAP - Quality film for the equine market. Multi-layer construction for optimum strength, High tack levels prevents ‘long tails’ after wrapping, Two-sided tack for superior sealing between layers, Uniform appearance at all stages of the wrapping process, Highly versatile - suitable for use on all mini-wrappers, Made in the UK. Good haylage begins with the careful selection of grass that is neither over-mature or too stemmy. As such, the timing of harvest and the weather conditions during the crop’s growing season are important. The dry matter of the grass must also be less than 60% and the bales should be dense and well shaped. In addition, the film wrapped around the bale must be as air tight as possible. You even have to consider how you store the bales in order to protect them from bird and vermin damage. bpi.agri understands all this because we understand the complexities of creating and storing quality haylage. It’s this understanding that has led us to develop Miniwrap – a product specifically designed for haylage production. In addition, Miniwrap benefits from a multi-layer construction. During its production, numerous layers are bonded together to create a film that is stronger and that delivers optimum levels of resistance and durability. Available in Green 250mm.

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